Zoom lifestyle lottery fully explained – zoom up your life with 2million

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Zoom lifestyle lottery fully explained – zoom up your life with 2million

Interested in playing zoom lifestyle lottery? Here is the simple step to win 2 million naira in lottery. Here is what said about the purpose of zoom up your life lottery.

“ZOOM UP YOUR LIFE according to MR. P” is An entertainment and lifestyle contest that anyone can participate in for a chance to win exciting prizes including cash prizes, back stage passes, music video productions etc.

Many who would like to participate in zoom lifestyle should follow below steps. 

    1. (NOTE) The Promo is open to all Nigerians both home and abroad.
    2. Participants must be 18 years or older.
    3. A Participant hereby warrants and represents that he/she is: At least 18 years old and eligible to participate in the Promo in the same manner as beingeligible to enter into valid contracts under Nigerian law; Participating voluntarily; Have perused and have a clear understanding of the Terms and Conditions of the Promo; Fully aware & accept that messages sent on the platforms in the course of participation in the Promo shall only count for the purpose of this Promo where same have been duly charged in accordance with this Terms and Conditions; and Fully aware & accept that any sums applied or expended in participating in the Promo is non- refundable.
    4. For Music/Dance Draw – Participants can play by sending MUSIC or selecting the MUSIC/DANCE category through the available service channels (USSD, SMS and WEB).
    5.  For Sports/Business Draw – Participants can play by sending SPORTS/BUSINESS or selecting the SPORTS/BUSINESS category through the available service channels (USSD, SMS and WEB).
    6. To participate, send MUSIC/DANCE via SMSto the short code 20010 or dial the USSD Code *20010# from any mobile network. Every message SMS, CALLor Renewal Charge made to *20010# shall be at the cost of N20(Twenty Naira) including all taxes per SMS or call.

Abuse and Disqualification

Any Participant may be disqualified at any stage of the Promo, for any of the following reasons:
Participants are not allowed to use machines that send automatically SMS messages or automate/facilitate the Registration process or any other alternative of sending SMS messages,other than the mobile phone. The Organizer has the right to disqualify any Participant under the suspicion of breaking this obligation;
If the Participant ceases to be a Nigerian Citizen either on the date of a draw, and/or on the date that the prize is to be presented;
In the event that it is impossible to establish telephone communication with the prospective winner in accordance with 9.4 above;
In the event that the winner does not sign the declaration of acceptance of the Prize, irrespective of the reason(s) for such;
In the event that the winner does not provide any proper identification documentas required by these Terms and Conditions;
In the event that the winner, for whatever reason(s), does not accept in full and without reservation the Terms and Conditions and his/her obligations which arise from the acceptance of such regulation, in respect of the allocation of the prize;
In the event of incompatibility arising from the selected winner lacking legal capacity (e.g. the fact that the selected winner is related directly or indirectly with the Organizer or is under-aged) in accordance with that set forth in the present Terms and Conditions;
In the event that the registered holder of the winning MSISDN has not been charged for any SMS sent during the period of the Promo. The Winner shall forfeit the Prize and the Prize shall be awarded to a Substitute generated through a new draw;
The failure to comply with or observe any of the Terms and Conditions set out herein;
In the event that the winner is seen or found to have participated in the Promo by way of fraud, deceit or in any manner which contravenes the spirit and intent of the Promo, the terms and conditions herewith or in a manner prejudicial and/or unfair to other Participants;and
Employees of the Organizer and any company directly collaborating with the Organizer for the purposes of executing the Promo, their spouses, direct members of their families or households, relatives of direct kinship or any other person in a position to benefit illegitimately from unpublished or privileged information connected to Promo, and all persons in a position to interfere with the operation of the Promo (legitimately or illegitimately) are disqualified from participating in this Promo.

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