What’s Afrobeats, where and how did it originate

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What's Afrobeats, where and how did it originate

Today’s music industry is modelled on Afrobeats. Note its different from fela kind of music which is called Afrobeat. Now the Afrobeats is gaining heavy weight recognition into the mainstream industry. Today, Afrobeats has entered every music industry that we see lots of foreign incorporating this idea in their music.

Now what exactly is Afrobeats?

Afrobeats is a music with no formula. Why do we say this. It originated from Nigerian industry at a time when producers were experimenting with fusion of sounds from various genre of music. It will be vital to say that the Afrobeats style of music stemmed from Nigerian producers. This set of producers experimented in isolation trying to come up with something that sounds great devoid of a predefined musical style. We see producers like Sarz, Samklef, DJ Coublon, Masterkraft and other producers from Ghana.

Afrobeats is more of music from different genres being blended together to give its unique sound. The sounds include:- Shakers, Tamborine, clap, kick drum, bass, etc. Its more rooted in highlife music with combination of sounds from American Jazz and funk music all blended together to form the heavy sound that make afrobeats.

The language of Afrobeats Music.

Afrobeats music comes with heavy percussion and complex rhythms and finally laced with pidgin English.

The style is built and initiatively showcases the strength of West African music styles, particularly highlife music with American jazz and funk and the language is mixed up and mainly driven by pidgin English.

Afrobeats is associated with hiplife, juju music, Highlife and naija beats. This music grows daily with attractive opportunities for western musicians to incorporate into their music. We notice American artists like Akon, and many others using English and it all sounds acceptable as Afrobeats in general has no particular formula.

Below are list of music artists we can say afrobeats

  1. Kizz Daniel
  2. Teni
  3. Joe Boy
  4. Fire boy
  5. The list continues.
Other songs by Afrobeats

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