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Posted on Apr 5, 2020

Last updated April 13, 2020

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Download - (Corona Virus) Westlife TOP 10 SONGS – Covid19 - MP3

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(Corona Virus) Westlife TOP 10 SONGS – Covid19 MP3 Download

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Westlife are an Irish pop vocal group, who were formed in 1998 in Sligo, disbanded in 2012 and reunited in 2018. Westlife music has ever been rated as the most soulful pop genre. I love the songs of this guys and I know many do love them also. Today we will like to publish a list of westlife songs that may make playlist of fans across the world at a time of epidemic outbreak of Corona Virus.

This Corona Virus – Westlife songs that will make your playList today are selected to quench your listening taste and let you enjoy your stay at home period of self isolation. We are committed to publishing post like this to help keep you company at a time like this. Read on for Westlife songs that will make your playList today at a time of Corona Virus Outbreak.

TOP 10 SONGS OF WESTLIFE for Covid19 relaxation

1. Westlife – My Love (Official Video)

This was released on 31 October 2000 as the second single from their second studio album, Coast to Coast.

2. Westlife – Seasons In The Sun (Official Video)

This song season in the sun was released in 1999. Remember this is a kind of throwback we are doing today.

3. Westlife – If I Let You Go (Official Video)

This official video was released in 1999 and has received 99million views on Youtube.

4. Westlife – Queen Of My Heart (Official Video)

5. Westlife – I Have a Dream (Official Video)

I have a dream has 40,599,580 views, uploaded on Oct 3, 2009

6. Westlife – Flying Without Wings

Flying without wings has 33,584,049 views on YouTube and the song was oploaded on Oct 3, 2009

7. Westlife–Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You

This song has 11,632,392 views on YouTube and was uploaded on Sep 28, 2008

8. Westlife – Swear It Again (Official Video)

This song has 57,353,406 views on Youtube and was uploaded on Oct 3, 2009. It has the following tags on Youtube: #westlife #SwearItAgain #westlifeofficial

9. Westlife – Better Man

Better man has 21,349,790 views on YouTube and was uploaded on Mar 29, 2019

10. Westlife – Fly Me To The Moon (Official Video)

Fly me to the moon was uploaded on oct 3, 2009 and has received 1,457,183 views on Youtube.

We just brought this 10 top westlife songs you can use to endure the self isolation period caused by the outbreak of Epidemic Corona virus.Do let us know if yo enjoy this on our comment box below.

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