REMA Biography – Mavin’s newly signed act biography and early life

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REMA BIOGRAPHY: This is an updated copy of all the information about REMA starting from his biography, music life, lifestyle, inspiration, networth, family and many other things you need to know about him.

Recently Nigeria music industry is experiencing a dramatic change as well as what I may term a paradigmatic shift from what it’s used to be. The industry is open for everybody unlike the big names that use to play before. Now lets get to why we are here.

Rema is a 19 year old musician who got signed newly to Mavin’s record after a long search when Reekado Banks and Tiwa Savage exit Mavins after completing their contracts. Rema matches a perfect analysis of what I said above. I’m so glad to witness this development. Now let’s talk more in details about who REMA is, rema biography, his lifestyle and more.

Rema Bio-data (must read)

  1. Full Name of popular Mavins act: Divine Ikubor
  2. Date of Birth: 17 July 2001
  3. Rema Age: 19
  4. State of origin: Edo State (Western part of Nigeria)
  5. Place of Birth: Benin City, Edo State
  6. Nationality: Nigerian
  7. Profession: Singer
  8. Stage Name: Rema ( He admits to have changed this name shortly before he got signed).
  9. Record Label: Mavin record
  10. Religion: Christian (speculatively Jehovah’s witness)
  11. Instrument: Vocals
  12. Techniques: Freestyling, Miming
  13. Skills: Singing, dancing, modeling.
  14. Awards: Not yet
  15. Networth: $500,000
  16. Instagram: @hiesrema

Early life of REMA:

Divine Ikubor whose stage name is REMA is 19-year-old. He grew up in Benin city into a Christian family.

REMA lived his early life in Benin city rapping in church and school at a tender age. REMA while still in school moved on to create his own live band and not so long until he was discovered by D’Prince the Jonzingworld record boss who is Don Jazzy’s biological brother.

His journey into the music industry

REMA born Divine Ikubor is an emerged artists who recently got signed to Mavin’s/Jonzingworld records. Rema started his career early enough just like I said above with a great vision of what he wants to achieve which has come off a dream come true.

He was discovered by Don Jazzy’s junior brother DPrince who owns Jonzingworld records. According to D’Prince “When I first heard Rema’s work I knew this was an artist I wanted the entire world listening to; his talent and artistry are so far beyond his years.”

D’PRINCE moves to discover more artists alongside Mavin Global. He says this will be people with exceptional talents like him.

According to Don Jazzy Mavin boss “Rema is a formidable young artist: with his skill and versatility, he has a unique place in the future of Afro beats. At the same time, we’re excited to launch our first imprint deal with Jonzing World” he revealed.

This model will expand the number of ways the Mavin platform can support artists and entrepreneurship in Africa to grow together, at home and internationally,” he stated more.

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  1. The guy is good…i hope the whole world hears u

  2. I love rema….his music is amazing🤗😍…bigger him I pray

  3. please my name is mavi boi and me and rema grew from the same area I’m so happy to hear that he’s now with Don jazzy please I would also love to be signed too you can check my songs. via Instagram@ officially_maviboi

    1. Why not allow Rema to get to the sit first why jealous of his success hypocrite

      1. As in Niger people self I checked out sha but u can’t compare ur song to Rema’s the guy beat you with everything thing 😒😒😒

        1. Its not a competition…..rema is better, sure… But that doesnt mean he doesnt have a chance either

        2. Not cool bro! That’s a disgusting way to talk to someone Yuno

      2. Please spare the poor boy… sure thats not what he means

      3. Shuo!!… “Ask and it shall be given” I no blame d boi oo. Him sef wan Big up. Lol

  4. His songs are so awesome and cool🙏💪 I hope we could meet someday… Love you Rema and I hope the world hears you😊

  5. rema is so talented and I wish him all the best in life but you have to put God first cause it ain’t gon be easy I promise but God before anything I’m happy for you and I love your voice and music too❤️

  6. This Kid Is Going Higer, Watch out!!! Rema , for sure.

  7. Bigger you bro, you have to get there too

  8. I see wizkid in this guy so good

    1. True bro…I see Wizkid from years ago in this rema…he’s lit for real

  9. This is guy is just too goo, wow Rema go higher bro. I love all your songs especially “Why”. That song is so cool, you sound so foreign.

  10. This guy will bring home Grammy who’s ready to bet!!?…his style and everything is so classic, even the accent imagine my girlfriend is arguing with me last night that he’s an American.. Naija to the world

  11. He’s damn young, keep it up and avoid distraction.

  12. Rema, u will be d best among d rest, nobody will see ur bak broseph. And one more tin, remember where u’re coming from pls don’t let pride take d whole of u, nd make sure that u’re in good terms wit God cos only him cn elevate u. Thumbs up bruv

  13. am fucking in love with this boy he is very good

  14. you er such a lucky guy and wish to be like you someday

  15. you er such a lucky guy and i wish to be like you someday


  17. I love u Rema 😘💞 , Ur personality to be precise , Keep it up , The sky is ur Beginning !

  18. hey bro I love all your raps and I wish we could rap in same studio one day

  19. It solid work nt just luck..Keep reping bro… ur thing and make sure to win us some gramy….so proud of u divine#my namesake

  20. Fell in love with his voice at the very first time his amazing…. I love you bro

  21. Rema is good
    I love his songs
    More grace bro…

  22. Rema is damn good……. I love his songs

  23. I can’t live without rema vibes now, this really make me well, one love rema.😊

  24. men…..This guy na thief….Ole!!
    U thief starboy style, u come carry am go join mavins , instead of you to join our team starboy. Am coming to arrest ur fucking ass For impesinating.

    1. Your madness can’t be “impesinated” smh

  25. Rema is fucking good🚀🚀

  26. rema u r the new face of Nigerian music I envy you bro but disappoint me Grammys

  27. Am inspired by you bro for encouraging the teenagers all over Nigeria.

  28. rema💓💓
    he’s vibe is just to unique

  29. Well he’s good he’s got tripple Xtentacion in why and sound so wizkid inthe rest of his songs

  30. rema gat me tripping😌😌💜💜

    1. He is really talented

  31. I love ur song

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