Naira Marley Biography, Networth and Education


Naira Marley Biography, Networth and Education: Azeez Fashola who is popular referred to as Naira Marley is a Nigerian controversial rapper. Naira Marley came to limelight after he was arrested following an allegation leveled against him. It was gathered that the young Nigerian Rapper was caught in one internet fraud related case and was charged to court on 11 count charges but what led to his arrest was a follow up release of his song titled AM I A YAHOO BOY.

Naira Marley in police customdy

The song received lots of airplay that got to a point where EFCC had to come in and shut it down. Happily Naira Marley was able to overcome the challenges and finally got justice which caused uproar for such a quick release with many saying money rules. Moving further with Naira Marley Biography, Networth and Education as the topic of our discussion lets talk about his biography and early life.

Here are facts about Naira Marley Biography and early life you need to know

Naira Marley Biography: Naira Marley was born in  9 May 1994 in Agege Lagos but moved to  Peckham, South London,  London at age 11 where he had his eduction. Popular Singer Naira Marley obtained his General Certificate of Secondary Education at Porlock Hall and further had his first degree in business from Peckham Academy.

Naira Marley once wanted to become a voice over artist and MC until he finally discovered his music career which was brought up to the public following a feature song where Olamide and Lil Kesh got him on a track titled “Issa Goal”. Later on the song was adopted as a theme song for the Super Eagles at the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

naira marley wordcup Issa goal song performance
naira marley wordcup Issa goal song performance

Naira Marley later came up with an album which houses six different tracks. Naira Marley titled the album Lord Of Lamba.

At a point Naira Marley started gathering lots of fans who tagged themselves Marlians following his influence but this group of fans arent portraying what it truly means to be Marlians. Popular Nigerian Dj Dpoiltkid once shared a comment on his social media handle which reads: I feel they are more of notoriety than being a responsible and reputable group with sense thus they are disreputable and more referred to as bunch of touts.

Scoring Naira Marley we discovered that the young Nigerian Rapper is highly talented and if giving more opportunity to rewrite his wrongs can be more better and more adoring to the heart of many Nigerians and foreigners who after the incidence that led to his arrest blacklisted him.

Personal life, Age and family:

Naira Marley is not a yahoo boy to clear the air the rapper had to share a post saying that He is not A Yahoo Boy, he is just a smart Guy on the street and friends with Rayman Jago the Bureau de change Nigga.

1. Naira Marley is currently married to two(2) Women.

2. Naira Marley has 4 children

3. Naira Marley was born in 9 May 1994

4. Naira Marley has his record label called Marlian Records

Naira Marley Networth:

Naira Marley has released many tracks and featured in many collaboration and from the outcome of our estimation Naira Marley is worth $3million

Naira Marley Single Songs and Release Dates
“Issa Goal” (2017)
“Japa” (2018)
“Am I A Yahoo Boy” (2019)
“Opotoyi (Marlians)” (2019)
“Soapy” (2019)
“Puta” (2019)
“Mafo” (2019)
“Tesumole” (2019)
“Tingasa” (2019)
Isheyen 2020

Naira Marley Biography, Networth and songs description with videos

1.  Issa Goal:

Issa Goal was released in 2017. The song captures the typical mood of Lagos mainland streets during celebrations and festivities, where topics involving ‘olosho’, ‘Shaku Shaku’ and the club culture of lighting candles on packs of drinks, are celebrated. ‘Issa Goal’ is a loosely composed street pop material from an aspiring star who gets support from hood royalties like Olamide and Lil Kesh.

2. Japa released in 2018:

Naira Marley remained consistent with the release of JAPA a follow up to ISSA GOAL.

The UK AfroBashment pioneer does a fusion of trap, grime and afrobeats on this his new number titled Japa. Watch Japa below and tell us your thought.

3. Am I A Yahoo Boy:

Naira Marley released this song titled AM I A YAHOO BOY. He talked many things on the song Am I a Yahoo Boy and some of the things he talked on the song was what led to his arrest by EFCC in 2019. Naira Marley was arrested alongside his friend Zlatan although Zlatan was released. Some part of this lyrics that got him into trouble reads below:

See me see trouble (Marlians)
See me see trouble, aii
I have a question
Am I a yahoo boy?

Government na barawo (Ibile)
Bloggers na armed robbers
Imam dey gbadun
Pastor na enjoyment

4. Opotpyi:

Naira Marley “Opotoyi” was released during the time the singer was having arguably the biggest challenge of his career. He released this song already having the feeling that he is in trouble and who enters into efcc case is messed up.

5. Soapy:

Naira Marley released yet another controversial track titled soapy. This soapy was more harmful to the listener and does more damage to the society than Am I a Yahoo Boy did. This song triggered people with divided opinions about the message in the song. A lot of criticism was sent the way of Naira Marley as people felt the song was encouraging masturbation amongst youths while others opined that it was never encouraging masturbation as it’s just a song that was dropped to make listeners feel good and forget every sorrow that bothers their state of mind.

6. Puta

Naira Marley the leader of awon omo ‘No Mannas’ recognises his core fans (Marlians) on this track, gives them priority and some new slangs with gang name to continue with the trend on the street. He also shares some vital message about life a continuation of his ‘Inside Life’. Then for those still beefing on the street and downgrading him Naira tells them to stay back and don’t try coming close cos he got a strong Gang now.

7. Mafo

‘Mafo’ is a Yoruba word that means don’t be ‘Scared‘, Naira says don’t be afraid to live and Enjoy your money in the City of Lagos especially at Night. This song happens to be owned by Young John but many will still think its Naira Marley’s song and that is why we just had to include it in our list. The reason is to provide all available songs by Naira Marley which the fans will like to hear.


The above is Naira Marley Biography, Networth, Education and other detailed information about the Yoruba indigenous rapper. Do tell us what you feel about Naira Marley biography and let us know if we are good on it or need to improve on some part. Thanks.

Written by: YSG Mesh

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