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Posted on Sep 21, 2019

Last updated April 14, 2020

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Konvict Music Akon Signs YBNL Facts you should know

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Konvict Music Akon Signs YBNL Facts you should know

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Akon signed YBNL Boss Olamide: Popular singer Akon has signed Olamide to Konvict Music Worldwide. Here are facts surrounding this record deal you should know.

  1. Olamide is a record boss owner signed to another record label.
  2. Akon is the owner of the new record label that Olamide has been signed to.
  3. Konvict Music Worldwide signed YBNL.
  4. Olamide has not made any comment on this deal.

Things to understand about this move by Akon to sign YBNL.
Akon who revealed that Nigerian music artistes don’t honor record deals has succeeded in signing YBNL which according to him will end what is done in Nigeria which he said is just a gentleman’s agreement with no papers signed.
At TopHits Nigeria we welcome this new development but we don’t think Akon signing YBNL Boss Olamide is a nice deal.
The fact: YBNL is a known record label that has grown beyond what anybody in the world can sign. We believe why we have not heard anything from YBNL Boss Olamide is because he isn’t comfortable with the deal. No one would be comfortable because it’s so glaring that eyes are on Nigerian music industry and the whites should not be given the opportunity to come and rip where they did not sow?.
We will want to disclose that we don’t want any signing for our Boss Olamide. We have outgrown that offer if it’s what the Americans can understand. You can come for a feature. We have our style of music and I feel Nigerian music industry has grown so large to attract investment from across the world but not through a record deal of such. There are upcoming artists that are looking for who to sign them.
Akon should nurture this young talents instead of trying to sign who has grown a full fledged boss. Things doesn’t happen this way. This is our opinion on about the news Akon with YBNL record deal.
Tell us what you think about this deal in the comment box…let’s discuss?

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