Kaytunez – Biography, net worth, State, age and documentations

Kaytunez born Kelechi Ugwu is a Nigerian music artist who is making salient entry into the music industry. He is one among many talented Nigerian music artists and on TopHits.ng we have taken to share important information regarding kaytunez which we think you should know. We will start off with kaytunez Biography, Networth down the line. Read on to know who kaytunez is.
Kaytunez Biography: Born Kelechi Ugwu, kaytunez is an up and coming musician from Nigeria. As a child at early age kaytunez was enrolled into a music school where he learned music scoring lots of sounds until his perfection got him his style thus a reason for the suffix which was attached to an initials from his name Kelechi written as “Kay” +tunez”. Kaytunez is one artist that is blessed with melodious vocals just like a family member to him Vast who is a part to bracket music.
Kaytunez Networth: At the time of compiling this post Kaytunez was reported to worth $370,000 which is a roughly estimate from the number of shows and endorsement he’s been associated with. Judging based on this assertion it is noted that kaytunez Networth is $370,000.
Kaytunez State of Origin: Kaytunez hails from Nsukka in Enugu state Nigeria.
Kaytunez Age: Kaytunez is 27years old.

Kaytunez Documentation on TopHits

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Kaytunez Biography
Photo from kaytunez music video shoot

From TopHits we have this list of works from kaytunez.
1. Mama
2. Turn up
3. Ekpere

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