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Posted on Aug 7, 2019

Last updated April 14, 2020

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Complete guide on how to start a record label in Nigeria

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Complete guide on how to start a record label in Nigeria

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Record label in Nigeria is one of the best lucrative venture in the entertainment industry. How to start a record label in Nigeria may be a bit tasking especially for a successful one.
However, most people believe that like any other business venture, as long as there is enough capital, the business can roll on but to start a record label in Nigeria may not be the case.
On we have simplified this and narrowed it down to 8 steps that can aid you to start a record label in Nigeria. So let’s get started

List of steps to start a record label in Nigeria

  1. Music business plan
  2. Team
  3. License
  4. Recording studio
  5. SOURCING for artists
  6. Promoting the record label
  7. Distribution


This is a map that shows all necessary information regarding your concept. Whether you want to start up a big record label or a small one, planning is very vital. You need to determine the structure of your firm, the genre of music and finance.
For a small label, it usually includes the CEO, the artist and the manager. The CEO actually handles the business affairs, legal affairs, artworks, image building and welfare of all team members. The artist has no other duty than to expand his horizon thereby delivering hit songs for his own interest and that of the firm. The content of his song must be sensible and inspirational. The manager often takes the responsibility of sales and distribution (marketing).
On the other hand, for big record labels, there are various sections with their functions. It begins with the business officer who handles bookkeeping, payroll and finance records. There is the legal department and the art department which handles all product designs, branding, posters, advertising and other needs of the print media.
A standard record label requires a license. Proper registration protects your label with legal authorization to run as a label. Registration of the name as a trademark also allows you to put the label logo on music records or sponsored events.
A record label would be able to control cost when there is a standard studio for artist. A standard studio requires a system [laptop or desktop], software for recording e.g. the Virtual Analog interface, headphones, headphone AMP, Di boxes, microphones, the audio interface for getting music in and out of the computer, snake cables, monitor isolation pads, studio monitors, cables, bass traps, diffusers, a DAW remote, a control surface, software plug-in, secondary monitors, uninterrupted power supply etc..
Before anyone can start up a successful Record label this steps should be taken into consideration.
It takes a good ear to discover good music. The individual in charge must be a very exposed person. His or Her duty is to look out for talented artistes that would give more credibility to the label.
You will need to introduce your artiste and albums to the world through radio, television etc…
Therefore, you need to get yourself acquainted with presenters and program directors in all major areas of the country. Just so you may have your work cut across all major areas of the country.
The publicist is solely responsible for creating interviews, record reviews, and radio and television stations.
This has to do with the marketing of your materials. First you would create a marketing plan e.g. organize sales campaign, create flyers and posters, advertise on billboards etc. the sales department or team sees to retail activities of the label and concentrates more on building good relationships with key record stores, record distribution companies such as telecom giants through their highly subscribed ringtones and record outlets all over the country.
The above should be able to serve as a starting point in understanding the basics of starting up a successful record label in Nigeria. For more ideas you can email us:

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