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Posted on Jan 27, 2020

Last updated April 16, 2020

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How Don Jazzy selects and sign Artists for a record deal in Mavin

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How Don Jazzy selects and sign Artists for a record deal in Mavin

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Here is How Don Jazzy use to select and sign Artists for a record deal in Mavins. Don Jazzy we know is a successful music business man and a music boss. He is rated the richest Nigerian musician and this comes out of his business acumen in the music business.

He stands to have the biggest surviving record label and has achieved many success both with defunct record label Mohits and the current record label Mavin. We all know the story of his past record label and how it disintegrated and we know his new record label Mavin which has been booming since its discovery.

In any business there are choices you make that positively or negatively affects the business and in music industry selecting artists for a record deal is one. In this case Don Jazzy is highly gifted and that is why we want to talk about him and how he selects artists for a record deal.

How Don Jazzy selects Artists for a record deal

Recently, after Don Jazzy signed artist like Rema and Crayon there has been influx of commentary asking why he is always signing small boys to his record label whereas there are bigger boys who know music better. Below you will learn why he does that. Just like we said in our post How To Get Signed To A Record Label In Nigeria no business man is ready for lost. Don Jazzy knows this too and for this he only signs those he knows are capable of returning measurable proceeds. For this he choose to sign those he knows are highly talented and ready to push his record label forward.record label

Quality that attracts Don Jazzy to sign you to his record label.

  1. Young and influential: You must be young and influential for Don Jazzy to come for you. Young plus influence is equal to faster acceptance. You must be young before don jazzy will ever sign you to his record label. This may be because Don Jazzy knows if he signs young people to his record label he will have enough time to work with them, understand them and make them who he wants them to be. Another reason may be because of what happened between him and DBanj. If you know you know. If you are above 25 years don’t waste your time because don Jazzy will not come for you unless miracle happens.
  2. Talent: Talent is the driven force of getting any record deal. You must either be talented in singing, playing music instrument or performing music on the stage for you to attract the interest of Don Jazzy. You must be highly talented I repeat.
  3. Marketing: In marketing we mean how far you have advertised your product outside there. You must have had some successful records that are very different from what other people are doing. Nigerian music industry is flooded with lots of wacks and copycats who are just stealing phrases from existing songs out there.
  4. Massive Followers: This comes under marketing as you will need a certain number of followers for you to be seen as a serious person. This is an era of social media and you must have some kind of active followers on Instagram, twitter and Facebook. These come naturally when you really have something to offer but in any case you are not getting followers and you know you are talented do let us know so we will guide you on how to gain followers on social media.

How Don Jazzy Uses to select artists for his record label Mavins.

Talking about getting a record deal in Don Jazzy’z record label, below are the ways he uses. You heard about how Rema was signed? Rema was signed based on recommendation. He was discovered by Don Jazzy’s junior brother DPrince who discovered Rema. DPrince who runs a record label Jonzing world entertainment which happens to be affiliated to Mavin record recommended Rema after listening and proving his songs are exceptionally different and ready to make a paradigmatic shift from normal sounds being churned out on daily basis by Nigerian artists.

This same way goes to the story of Crayon who was signed following similar trends. first of all you have to be good, have enough followers and lastly but not the least be picked by somebody who is close to Don Jazzy himself. Below reply by Korede Below will punctuate our assumption above.

How did Don Jazzy discover you and signed you to Mavin

Korede Bello: Since I started music, God has always been good to me. I can never be grateful enough. One thing I have learnt is that once it is time, it is actually your time. The truth is that if anyone had told me about two years ago that I would be working with Don Jazzy, I would say it was a big lie but I am working with him right now. A lot of people listen to your songs but it takes just one person to make a difference in your life. That is what happened to me because I released a song called ‘Forever’ and people loved it but it just took one person to listen to it and introduced me to Don Jazzy’s friends. They were also astounded by what they heard and they introduced me to Don Jazzy. He invited us to the studio with my manager, Casmir, we recorded some songs and that was it. When he heard my song, he said that I was a mega super star and that was it.


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