Best alternative to NI’s ‘Battery 4’

Here are Best alternative to NI’s ‘’. Looking for the best alternative to ? Read on, this post may help. as we know is the cutting-edge drum sampler designed for the 21st century. It combines a supercharged library, tailor-made for electronic and hip hop music.

Many people are not really comfortable with the new update of and may be looking fot best alternative to . This is due to the perceived bugs that has such as not being able to simply change a cell to play as mono or global pitch etc. This post handles all this with the best suggestions from experienced users.

Below is a list of alternatives and you can get them on tophits for as low as you can never imagine but please note we only sell cracked version. It tested and working fine.

  • NI Maschine
  • FXpansion Geist
  • Soniccouture’s Konkrete
  •  Battery 3! (I use Battery 3 regularly, and it even has some features that got taken out of 4 that I like better.)
  • Maschine & Vengeance Phalanx
  • Wave Alchemy


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