You can easily sponsor a post on tophitsNG and this is how.

tophitsNG allow Companies and Advertisers to place sponsored posts on the platform for its users.

Meanwhile, the content won’t be automatically posted. We’ll have your post content reviewed and fixed by our content writers.

We have a simple cost structure for Sponsored Posts.

A single post is $100

You can bulk buy post credits from us if you would like a reduced rate.

4-9 posts $60 per post
10-19 posts $45 per post
20+ posts $38 per post
For example if you wanted to buy 10 post credits from us you would need to let us know and we would invoice you for $450.

Naturally we wouldn’t expect you to have all 10 or 20 posts ready for us, and even if you did we wouldn’t post them all on the same day. You can buy the post credits and then we’d keep a tally so as content is created your bought amount will go down.

You have 1 year from bulk buying to use all your credits.

Sponsored Posts that we write for you
If you don’t have a writer to handle creating the content for you, we can write the article to your specifications. There is an upfront fee of $60 for this which needs to be paid up front.

Send message to us to start on;

Via – tophits,
Via – WhatsApp – +234756599144

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