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30BG Money Run Jungle – How it works

30BG Money Run Jungle is a new game launched by Davido.This looks similar to Zoom Lifestyle Lottery by Mr. P of Psquare only that 30BG Money Run Jungle comes in form of a game. Game lovers will really enjoy this as you are paid to play the game.

Davido made it clear during the Launch of his game 30BG Money Run Jungle that he will credit users of his new game at random and this is telling us a lot of money is about to be spent and made.

Now the question is how is Davido making money with 30BG Money Run Jungle? We will attend to this question but first how does it work.

How 30BG Money Run Jungle

The process is simple although he didn’t provide any information on the page where the game is hosted unlike zoom lifestyle Lottery.

You are to download the game through this link

When you visit the link to download the new game you will be greeted with a screen that instructs you to on how to download 30BG Money Run Jungle. You are provided with two options.

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  1. Enter your mobile number to download or

Now how Davido makes money with this game is that when you follow the above directives you will be charged by your network provider before you can be granted permission to download the game. This is similar to zoom Lifestyle Lottery. Its the number of people that subscribes to their plan that generate the money being giving out by this popular stars. Its very clear that you are playing lottery and all you have got to do is keep trying your luck and one day you may become one of the lucky winners.

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